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Recycling, it’s one of those “buzz” words which we all know and we all do – well, sort of. We simply don’t do enough of it, that’s the problem. The world is quickly running out of stuff, that’s the truth of the matter, and is busy using up vital energy supplies making more stuff whilst filling great land-fill sites with stuff that we could re-use but haven’t bothered to. So what can we do about it? It’s really not rocket science you know, and every single one of us can, and really should make more of an effort to recycle. Guess what, once you get into the habit of recycling some of this stuff you can also go about saving that other stuff which we’re all so short of – MONEY.

Why Recycle?

Let’s take a look at some little known recycling facts:

  • It takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than to make it new from scratch
  • Recycling 1 glass bottle can potentially save enough energy to power your computer for almost half an hour
  • Recycling 1 plastic bottle can potentially save enough energy to light a bulb for 3 hours
  • Recycling 1 can can potentially save enough energy to power the TV for around 3 hours

So you see, just by recycling your lunch-time containers can potentially save enough power for your evenings entertainment! Just think if we all did that? Hmmm, what a difference it would make.


Did you know that up to around 60% of the rubbish which you throw into the garbage could be recycled? No? Well, now you do, in fact, around half of it can be composted and help you to grow some of your own lovely veggies – much healthier and tastier than the fruit and veg many of us are tempted with on our weekly trip to the grocery store, oh, and cheaper too. If you’re not interested in growing your own, there are thousands more people who are.

The Three R’s of Recycling

Now then, when I was at school, the “three R’s” were reading, riting and rithmatic – no wonder so many of us are having trouble . . . but these days the three R’s are all about recycling: Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle. That’s better, at least the spelling looks a little more like it.

  1. Reduce – you can reduce your waste by simply choosing what you do throw away and what you don’t.  For starters, you should only buy what you really need and are actually going to use. Just because sacks of apples are “buy one get one free” don’t be tempted to take advantage unless you’re actually going to eat them – or you have a donkey to feed. Buying products in packaging which can be re-used is a great way of reducing your garbage too – bottles, re-chargeable batteries, you know the sort of thing. Stuff which doesn’t need to be thrown away when it’s been used up for the first time. You should also buy products which don’t use extensive packaging (around 16% of the price of some products is for the package, which will be simply thrown away), give away unwanted items, outgrown children’s clothes or toys might be useful for a neighbor or family member, hold a garage sale, donate to a charity shop – whatever you prefer – go on, you can’t expect me to do all of the thinking for you.
  2. Re-Use – look around your home and see how many items can actually be re-used, some for a completely different purpose than they were originally used for but hey, that’s part of the fun. Shopping bags immediately springs to mind, don’t throw them away, take them with you each time you go to the store, use up your old envelopes for scrap paper, clean up your glass jam pots and jars and use them for your “bits and bobs”, don’t forget to send lots of egg cartons and other packaging to school for craft lessons.
  3. Recycle – many items can be recycled, not just paper, cans and glass bottles. A trip to your local recycling center is simple, they’re springing up all over the place so use them.  You can compost any left over food and garden waste, that’s really good for the environment (I’ve already spoken about growing your own veggies, such a worthwhile hobby that, you can get a feeling of immense pride digging up your own fresh potatoes for lunch).
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